The tips you can use to brighten a dark room

Though we all have different tastes when it comes to the design we choose for our home, no one like dwelling in a dark place. Most homeowners want spaces that look bright and feel spacious. Even when you choose dark paint on your walls, it is crucial to try and make it appear bright. A living space should not feel dim or oppressive. If you are renting, you may have a room that does not allow adequate light penetration. Even in such cases, there are techniques that you can use to brighten the room and make a small space look large.

Be smart when it comes to the colors you select. If you cannot change the color of your walls, include bright colored pieces of décor, artwork, and rugs. If you have a dark laminate floor, add a runner rug that comes in a lighter tone to bring a sense of airiness and richness. Go for colors such as metallic, whites or lavender. Soft grey and bright colors like green and red can transform a dark room. Try to play with your space by adding accent throws and pillows before you consider repainting your apartment.

You also use the concept of negative space to brighten up your room. This refers to space around a particular focal object. You can leave some portions blank so that your room feels brighter and bigger. Negative space can open up the room; therefore the need to declutter. Remove some of the unnecessary items in a dark room so that you can open up some of the space on the walls.

Use the right type of furniture. A dark room needs light furniture as opposed to heavy type. Visit Furniture deals for you to get light furniture that you can incorporate in a dark room. Do not choose the kind that is too close to the ground or one that comes with dark colors. A dark room needs light-weight furniture that comes in neutral colors. Also, choose one that is elevated on the legs to make space feel open.

Apart from furniture, you should also be creative when it comes to lighting. If you have a small space, you can have lights on the ceiling wall or even mount some lights close to the walls to highlight some of the beautiful details in the room such as brick or traditional cabinetry.  Do not use pendant lights in the kitchen area.

Feel free to place a floor lamp behind your sofa or place a lamp on an accent table so that it can spread the light across the wall. Even if your room is compact, you cannot lack space for lighting. Apart from using yellow-toned bulbs, you can add blue lights to your dark room. This brings in some crispiness in your room reminding you of the blue sky. Adding sufficient light in a small room can make it appear larger than it is. Remember to provide a balance between shadow and light so that your darkroom feels like home.