About Us

At furnituredeals.org we are known to provide trendy and traditional furniture to our clients at an unbeatable price quotation. Our company provides furniture for office, restaurant and residential purpose. We have expert craftsmen who design furniture with their hands and give you the finest quality and texture. In the past, we have received a lot of letters of recommendation and prizes in design of furniture.

Our aim

Why choose us?

For home owners

We provide excellent quality double bed, dining table, sofa set and leisure tables for patio. Our company is known to use termite resistant and water proof wood. Furthermore, we are also known to provide furniture which is made up of stainless steel and are very trendy to look at. If you are planning to decorate your place with traditional furniture then you can buy our products which are made up of brass metal. Professional craftsmen also carve various designs which give a unique retro look to the furniture.

For office

Through our company, you can purchase office furniture which are ergonomic and have a trendy look. Most of our furniture has different modes of adjustment so that people of different height, weight and body shape can sit in a comforting manner. We provide impeccable lumbar support for the office chairs which is very essential for an executive who has to work for continuous hours in front of the computer screen.

Our company provides chairs which are 20 inches wide, thus they provide complete back support and prevent individuals from sprain and sciatica problem. We also provide some other quality features in our ergonomic chairs viz. arm and head rest which will give respite to your employee from a busy work schedule.

For restaurant

For restaurants, we provide commercial grade furniture, with a lavish outfit. You will be able to choose from various upholsteries viz. leather, velvet, jute, wool, linen, chenille, silk etc. We provide furniture which is durable and can even bear rough handling. Furthermore, we also provide bar stools, square, rectangle, oval shaped tables which will go by the theme of your restaurant. You can also customize your own furniture and we will deliver it to you within a scheduled time period.

For the open air restaurant needs, we also provide plastic and rubber wood furniture which can easily withstand harsh temperature and weather phenomenon. We also have a large collection of vinyl furniture at our warehouse which will help you to save a great deal of money since vinyl furniture is very durable.